Morphoging Climbing Robot

Robots that move along walls and ladders are today expected to be used at disaster and other sites as well as in everyday life. For example, robots can move along walls that are difficult for humans to penetrate to provide supplies, or they can be installed on fences to perform periodic inspections of facilities. This study have been working on a robot that can climb fences by grasping grippers and walls by suction cups by switching grippers and suction cups.

The above three-limbed robot can only move on vertical surfaces. The robot also has a problem that its joints generate heat, resulting in malfunctions and breakage of the joints. Therefore, this study have been additionally working on a wheeled climbing robot that can change its movement mode from horizontal to vertical, climb a vertical fence, and rest when the temperature rises. Using the same vehicle not only reduces costs, but also makes it possible to work in sites where fences and walls are mixed. Also, using three-limbed robots improves versatility over two-limbed robots, reduces the impact from ground surfaces over four- or six-limbed robots, and simplifies the planning of moves.

These studies realize the climbing robot to move in multiple environments on the same machine and improve its mobility performance, including the ability to rest and continue its climbing task even when its joints heat up due to the load.


Moving on a fence

Moving on a wall

Outdoor experiments

Outdoor experiments from another angle

Transition from horizontal plane to a fence + climbing while resting

Research poster (in Japanese)

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