About Us

Kudoh and Kimura Laboratory, The University of Electro-Communications

Research on robots that are useful to people, cooperate with people, and entertain people in the real world!

(Lifestyle support robots, welfare robots, service robots, industrial robots, transformable robots)

Laboratory Structure

Intelligent systems cannot be constructed without the integration of various elemental technologies. In our laboratory, each faculty member cooperates with each other in research and education by making the best use of their specialties. The areas of expertise of each faculty member are as follows.

  • Dr. Kudoh: Observation and understanding of human behavior, Computer vision
  • Dr. Kimura: Intelligent Robotics, Control, Robot Software, Humanoid Robot


In our laboratory, we have the following robots, for example. Some of them are not working properly and are waiting for someone to use them. There are also robots that are not shown here, and if you are motivated, you can make your own. We will not only use existing robots, but also modify them as needed.

  • Robotic arm
  • Air field hockey robot
  • Compact-sized robotic configuration kits (leg type, wheel type)
  • Compact-sized humanoid robots