Tidying up robot equipped the manipulator with bag

This study have been developing a bag-mounted manipulator and working on tidying up by mobile robot equipped with the manipulator.

The mobile robot realizes to do tasks such as “1. tidying up multiple objects, 2. tidying up long objects, 3. collect objects in a space has a low ceiling,” by a same robot.


Collect by manipulator with bag

Collect board

Collect long object

Continue task in a space has a low ceiling

Prevent turnover repeatly by extending the support polygon

Tidying up multiple objects

Research poster (in Japanese)

  1. Kanta Kawaguchi, Shunsuke Kudoh and Kohei Kimura. “Collection / transportation for a long object and multiple objects by using the manipulator with a bag”. 24th SICE System Integration Division Annual Conference (SI2023). 2023. 3G5-01