Transformable Robot

In order for robots to adapt to various environments in the real world, we are conducting research on robots that can change into various forms.

Just as humans skillfully use their two legs to climb stairs and utilize vehicles for the purpose of efficiently traveling long distances, the ability of robots to transition to various forms is important.

In particular, it has the ability to change into forms that require a balance that is difficult for humans.

Research keywords

Intelligent robotics, Transformation, Control, Robot software, Humanoid robot, Leg-wheel robot, etc.

Research themes

  • Research on robots that can change into various forms by utilizing legs, arms, and wheels in a complex manner.
  • Research on balance control of unstable robots.
  • Research on manipulation and locomotion of boarding tools (vehicles) by robots.


Transformation between 4-wheels, 2-wheels-inverted-pendulum, and 2-legs

Recovery from fall states (Getting up)

Automatic transformation to search for target angle in inverted pendulum control

Inverted pendulum control corresponding to posture changes

Robot riding a robot (moving while resting)

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