Development of the robust delivery robot system with the unknown object in indoor environment


This paper describes a localization technique for a mobile robot with unknown obstacles, such as pedestrians. It is important that a robot can run in environment freely in order to perform goods conveyance efficiently. In order to run in environment and deliver goods to a target position, self-position presumption is important. However, In real environment, robot may be unable to run to a target position, because the robot cannot localize the self-position correctly with unknown objects, such as people and goods. In this paper, this problem is solved by utilizing the robust position localization technique based on the observed space information to a delivery robot’s navigation. Furthermore, by building the system which can set a robot’s run path easily, flexible path creation and autonomously running are realized. we verified the validity of the proposed method by the localization experiment and the goods delivery demonstration in real environment. The system which localizes self-position with 0.1m error even in the environment where an unknown object exists, and performs goods delivery to a target position was realized.

IECON 2013 - 39th Annual Conference of the IEEE Industrial Electronics Society