Extract Movement Parameters toward the Development of Effective Emotional Body Expressions for Flying Robots


In Human-Robot Communication, emotional expressions of robots almost resembled people and animals. However, a robot should have an ideal form and action according to its purpose, and it is not necessarily a rational design policy to resemble human beings and animals. Therefore, a promotion of communication by methods other than resembling humans and animals should be considered, but little research has been done from such a viewpoint. In this research, we considered a method to express emotion with a robot that is far away physically from a person. We used a flying robot as a robot physically far from the person. Instead of linking actions and emotions directly, we adopted a method of indirectly linking actions and emotions by placing indexes for emotional expression, modeling the relationship between actions and indexes, emotions and indexes. Using the Russell annulus model as indexes, we created motion using the indexes and confirmed that the motion created makes the person feel emotion by a subject experiment.

Journal of the Robotics Society of Japan