A wheeled climbing robot that can transition from a horizontal surface to a vertical fence surface


Climbing robots are expected to be used in high places where it is difficult for humans to enter. Many climbing robots specialize only in moving in vertical planes, and are difficult to move from horizontal planes such as flat ground to vertical planes. In this research, we use a fence as a high-altitude environment to climb, and the objective is to use a wheeled climbing robot to move from a horizontal surface to a vertical fence surface, and to perform climbing movement on the fence surface. Although it is easy to move on a horizontal plane, it is difficult to move on a vertical plane. Therefore, in this research, we equipped a wheeled robot with a manipulator that enables it to climb vertical fence surfaces, and used a posture sensor to move between horizontal and vertical surfaces. Movement in both environments is made possible by detecting changes in planes.

24th SICE System Integration Division Annual Conference (SI2023)