Collection / transportation for a long object and multiple objects by using the manipulator with a bag


A bag has three advantages. First, it never drops objects as long as its mouth looks at vartical upward. Second, it can carry a long object with any length. Third, it can carry multiple objects at once. In this study, we propose a robot that can collect and transport long objects and multiple objects by using a manipulator with a bag in order to utilize these advantages. The robot has a four-wheel drive and three manipulators, one with a bag and two to support collection. The robot collects a long object by pushing them against the surrounding wall. If the bag is empty, the manipulator with a bag is used to cover the bag and collect multiple objects together. If there are objects in the bag, an auxiliary manipulator grasps another object and sends it into the bag. In case of turnover, auxiliary manipulators are extended forward after rising. Therefore, the support polygon is enlarged to prevent repeating same turnovers. For secure collecting, two auxiliary manipulators clamp the object to estimate the width of the object.

24th SICE System Integration Division Annual Conference (SI2023)