Teaching Method for Wrapping Operation by Robot


A purpose of this study is to achieve wrapping operation by robots. As a teaching method of wrapping operation, this study uses an intuitive instruction based on a movement of a hand, and generates robot commands from the instruction. This study represents wrapping operation based on a three-layered model as intermediate representation, which is originally proposed in our previous study. In this paper, as a key elements of this study, we describe the teaching method which is a part of inputting to the model. This method can understand an intention of the rough instruction and generate appropriate intermediate representation which represents the intention. In the intermediate representation, a part of hand path generation method is extended to loosen limitations about shapes of objects and fabric that can be handled. Finally, we integrate them into a total wrapping robot system, and confirm that the proposed method is effective to achieve wrapping operation by a robot.

Journal of the Robotics Society of Japan